We will continue to stream worship services on Sundays, but please note the time change.  Starting March 22 the service will begin at 10:00 am.

Also, this “Connecting” option will allow space for posts, questions and responses below.

Blessings to all,


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  1. Lorrie Shantz says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you are all staying well. I am grateful we can do some connecting in these forums. Last Sunday’s chat prior to the start of the service streaming reminded me of all the talking that normally happens in the entry area of the church on Sundays. Hope to worship with you all again this Sunday morning.

  2. Betty Pries says:

    Hello All,
    Here’s a lovely hymn that arrived in my inbox… a fitting song for this time, written by St. Patrick.

    “see” you Sunday!

  3. Ron Flaming says:

    Good morning! I want to share that this time of personal distancing and self isolation has led to a lot more communication and checking in among my far-flung family. Mom sent an email to all the households including each of the grandchildren with the subject heading “on a happier note”. It’s been great to see so many of the family chiming in with greetings and regular updates. We’ve never done a “family newsletter” but this has become a bit of a family bulletin board.

    • Lorrie Shantz says:

      I appreciated this article, Linda. Thanks. I am an impatient hand washer- maybe now not so much.

  4. Gordon says:

    How is everyone coping. Share some of the lessons you are learning and the gifts you are discovering during this extraordinary time.

  5. Martha says:

    Hi friends, we have enjoyed cemetery walks, playing games, cooking, baking, and we are going to start seeds soon. We ar doing more chores together. Piano practicing has dramatically improved.
    Jasper is learning jokes and magic tricks to tell on video phone calls.
    We want to write messages with side walk chalk.
    We read more and read bible stories more.
    We are adopting a momma cat and her orange kitten.

    We miss seeing our church friends.


  6. Lorrie Shantz says:

    Ross & I “walk to work” together every morning. We head out the door, around a block & back into the house and then set to work. We’re walking a lot more these days- often on our lunch and again back “home from work”.

  7. Linda Ruby says:

    Another beautiful song sent to me by a dear friend in Ottawa. Perhaps you have seen it?

    I have appreciated the connections that come to our inbox on a regular basis — video links, comics and jokes, poems…. The connecting and re-connecting that is happening in a virtual way as a result of this crisis is quite remarkable.
    We look forward to “seeing” you again at worship next Sunday. Wishing you all a good week!
    Linda R.

  8. Julie Torrance-Perks says:

    Missed seeing the children walking down the aisle today with their palm branches, but really enjoyed the Children’s Story — thanks to all who participated! Thank you for the opportunity to worship in a different way.

  9. Ateeq Weera says:

    I have been listening to Drew Dickens Christian meditation for the past two years and have found them to very inspiring and magical.
    I am listening to two meditations everyday.

  10. Lorrie Shantz says:

    Today Ross & I biked to the home of all of our care group members! We only found 1/2 of them there but it was great exercise & fun seeing people be surprised. So, throwing down the gauntlet, How are you being creative in staying connected? (we have photos of us in front of every house to prove it in case any of you are doubting)

  11. Gordon says:

    Great idea Lorrie

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