Ethiopia Trip Report

Darrell Jantzi and I were in Ethiopia for two weeks, representing Mennonite Church Canada.  The experience is one I shall never forget.  The church, though in places persecuted, and financially poor, one half of the 2,000 buildings are shacks, love their Lord, have so much faith, as well as  hope.  God has touched Muslims, with imam, sheiks and common people turning to God by the 1000s.  They now have 8 churches.  The Mennonite church gives careful assistance and guidance.  I was personally pleased to see one of my previous students as head of the Peace program of the church, another head of the Children’s program which touches 193,000 children weekly.  Phenomenal.  The church has good leadership, with clear vision, and so much prayer.  Their New Year has just begun, and they have spent five days in fasting and prayer.  Two churches and the thirty staff at the Addis headquarters give their blessing upon us at WN, as well as MC Canada. We are favoured to walk together with them in God’s kingdom.    Submitted by John Peters.