Worship Committee


A) Membership • 4 members (minimum) • 1 minister • 1 music committee rep

B) Vision To provide meaningful worship that nourishes, deepens and engages the faith of the people so they can extend the peace of Christ in their everyday lives Values • worship experience that connects people to God, the community and the world • participation by everyone, including all ages and life stages • richness, depth and diversity of music that engages worshipers • creativity that deepens the worship experience Tasks • provide long-range worship planning that takes into account the church year, special needs, congregational interests, our vision and values (listed above), Ministry Team guidance and input, etc. • plan the themes and leaders for each worship service to put into practice our vision and values (listed above) • encourage new and seasoned worship and music leaders by offering resources, training, and moral support • co-ordinate the various elements of worship: music, preaching, prayers, children’s time, worship visuals, special events/programs, rites of passage, announcements, introduction of visitors, etc. • utilize the Music sub-committee members who will resource and support the worship leaders and planners


A) Membership • 3 members

B) Vision To use music as a vehicle to enhance the worship experience through singing, listening and playing instruments, instilling the love of music in people of all ages, exposing the congregation to music of many genres, and encouraging the use of foundational texts and tunes Values • music as worship, not as performance • richness, depth and diversity of music that engages worshipers • participation by people of all ages • nurturing and mentoring the younger musicians in our congregation Tasks • serve as a music-resource to the Worship Committee and all those involved in planning worship and other church services • coordinate and plan pianists/accompanists and song leaders for each Sunday • find and implement ways to keep the musical experience meaningful for the congregation (ex. Musical/singing adult Sunday school classes, staying current with songbooks, etc.)