Nurture Committee

A) Membership:

5 members

2 of which will be the Sunday School Superintendents

B) Tasks:

Plan and implement a comprehensive program of Christian Education for the entire congregation for Sundays or weekdays.

Coordinate the library.

Create an atmosphere of hospitality in the congregation.

Coordinate planning for a variety of social activities

Committee Members 2011-2012

Meg Bauman, Chair 
Marsha Krueger (Child SS Coordinator) Sharon Thiessen (Child SS Coordinator)
Phyllis Martin Neufeld (Adult SS Coordinator), Anne Brubacher (Adult SS Coordinator)
Rebecca Gibbins (Logos Director), Bev Suderman-Gladwell (Logos Director)
Linda Sloka (Member at Large) Geoff Suderman-Gladwell (Member at Large)
Lisa Carr-Pries (Ministry Team Representative)
Andrew Rourke (Youth Sponsor)
Kate & Phil Bauman (Youth Sponsors)
Shelley & Ameer Abdulla (Jr. Youth Sponsors)
Jennie & Colin Wiebe (Nursery Coordinators)
Annastasia Lebold (Youth Mentor Coordinator)
Cindy Lebols (Youth Mentor Coordinator)
Shirley Martin (Abuse Prevention Coordinator)