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The Mission Committee’s task is to plan and develop in consultation with the Ministry Team a vigorous program of evangelism, witness and visitation.

The contents for "Starter Kits" (one of this year's Challenge Fund projects) for MCEC Emerging Congregations have arrived. On Sunday morning, June 9, the Jr Y Sunday School class will pack these items for the nine recipient congregations designated by MCEC staff. They are: Chin Christian Church (Kitchener), Bethel Ethiopian Church (Kitchener), Markham Christian Worship Centre (Markham), Freedom Gospel Ethiopian Church (Toronto), Maranatha Evangelical Church (London), The Commons (Hamilton), Grace New Life Mennonite Church (Hamilton), Church of the Living Word (Ottawa), The Village International Mennonite Church (Ottawa). To see more about these churches click here.

The Mission and Service Committee decided to last Tuesday to commit $2,000 from the Anniversary Fund to a humanitarian crisis in western Kenya, in an area where several Mennonite congregations thrive. These funds will be forwarded to a program called Kenya Economic Development and Human Advancement Program (KEDHAP) which was initiated several years ago by WNMC member Robert Kruse (Ron Mathies is on the board) and now administered by MCC, working closely with the Mennonite churches in that area. Last week ethnic hostilities with deep roots, inflamed by political animosities, erupted. Houses were burned, several people killed and cattle stolen. The general mayhem forced thousands of people to flee to a camp with nothing but the clothes on their back, including some church leaders. These leaders and KEDHAP staff request prayer as they provide life-giving supplies and work for peace... This disbursement depletes the 25th Anniversary Fund although some pledges are yet outstanding. 


Note from Isaac Friesen and Wanda Wall-Bergen in Beni Suef, Egypt: We met with Abuna Youssef today and passed on the WNMC donation to him. He was very appreciative. The Abuna is a man whom we deeply respect and who can be trusted to manage the money in the best way possible so that it is used to build peace in Beni Suef. He mentioned sending a letter of appreciation, which we will plan to send back with my (Isaac) parents who are visiting in March. Until then, take care, and pass on our greetings to all. You can follow Isaac's and Wanda's life in Egypt by going to their blog at http://isaacandwanda.blogspot.com/



Mission and Service Committee: Ray Brubacher (chair), Dave Neufeld, Kathy Hochstetler, Rob Kroeger, Ron Mathies, Peter Paetkau