Ministry Support

The Ministry Support Committee supports the ministers individually and together so they can freely exercise their gifts and grow through their ministry.

A) Membership:

A chairperson and three other members

B) Tasks:

Meet with the ministers to receive reports, listen to their concerns and support them in their ministry

Attend to the health of relationships between members of the Ministry Team

Attend to the health of relationships between the Ministry Team or members of the Ministry Team and the congregation or members of the congregation or congregational committees, in particular the Church Ministries Council

Work with the Ministry Team in defining areas of theological concern and in identifying areas of church life which need attention

Provide counsel to the Ministry Team as it seeks to give spiritual guidance and to provide prophetic discernment

Participate in the process of calling persons to serve as ministers and in conducting annual reviews of their ministry


The chairperson is responsible to ensure that the mandate of the Committee is fulfilled and to chair meetings of the Ministry Support Committee, including meetings with Ministry Team. The chairperson will also serve as a member of the Church Ministries Council.

C) Accountability

The Ministry Support Committee is accountable to the Church Ministries Council