Church Ministries Council (CMC)

The Church Ministries Council leads the congregation in setting goals and policies, and monitors their implementation.

A) Membership:

The chairperson, secretary and two members "at large" called for two-year terms; chairpersons of all Congregational Committees listed in section B, below; the Leading Minister; the chairperson of the Ministry Support Committee. Members of WNCMC are members of the congregation.

B) Job Description:

a) The WNCMC is responsible to give leadership to the varied ministries of the congregation, with particular attention to:

i) DISCERNING/ENVISIONING--lead in discerning God's will for the congregation, identifying and upholding a clear vision, especially in relation to congregational activities.

ii) OVERSEEING, in partnership with the Ministry Team, the spiritual well-being of the congregation and its leaders, conflict resolution, connection with the wider church, help in setting definitions of appropriate Christian behaviour and sound doctrine.

iii) OVERSEEING AND COORDINATING the work of the congregational committees, including the resolution of conflicts that might arise.

iv) RELATING on behalf of the congregation to conference, denominational and other bodies.

v) INVOLVING the congregation in decision-making by ensuring that information is made available to the congregation; seek guidance from the congregation; call and conduct congregational meetings as needed.

vi) INFORMING the congregation about activities of congregational committees and the WNCMC by sharing minutes with the whole congregation and making other announcements as appropriate.

b) WNCMC is responsible to lead in the calling of, contracting with and contract review of ministers, and in partnership with the appropriate committees, the hiring, contracting with and reviewing of other employees.

c) WNCMC nominates to the congregation members for the Personnel Committee.

d) WNCMC will select a secretary and vice-chair annually from within the Council.


Within the job description of the WNCMC, the chairperson has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the work of the Council is carried out. This person chairs Council meetings and either chairs or arranges for someone else to chair congregational meetings.

Members at Large

Members at large will be expected to support the work of WNCMC and assist the chairperson in fulfilling tasks that fall outside the jurisdiction of any of the congregational committees.

C) Accountability:

WNCMC is accountable to the congregation.