Care Groups

Care Groups at Waterloo North Mennonite Church exist for the purpose of fostering our relationship with God and for building supportive relationships within our church community. Ministry Team delegates the coordinating of Care Groups to the Care Group Coordinator, a member of the Congreagational Care Team.

What is a Care Group?

- A small group being God’s people together
- A place, besides Sunday morning worship, to gather, pray together, and/or share our joys and concerns

Who is in a Care Group?

- Members, adherents and friends of Waterloo North
- 5 – 12 adults (some include children)
- People with common interests, goals or needs
- Peoples of various ages and backgrounds
- Some groups have the same members for many years, some are intergenerational, some include only adults,
some include families with children

What do Care Groups do?

- The group decides – each group is unique in how they approach their care for one another
- Share life’s stories and experiences
- Discuss topics related to our congregation and broader social concerns
- Fellowship, fun, mutual support, study and/or prayer
- Share summer outings
- Participate in community activities, e.g. concerts, volunteering, mission projects
- When a member experiences a transition or crisis, the group provides support as they are able

Care Groups can help us to:

- Experience God’s love
- Seek God’s will
- Cope with life’s changes
- Connect significantly with our church family
- Exercise our ability to care for each other

Meeting Frequency?

- Care Groups set their own schedules and frequency of meeting times
- Most groups try to meet at least every 4-6 weeks, others meet more or less frequently

Do Care Groups change?

Yes. The coordinator facilitates the addition of persons to existing groups, the movement of people between groups and the formation of new groups. September is when there is the most movement of persons in and out of groups and the formation of new groups.