About Us

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Waterloo North Mennonite Church is an energetic congregation who...

  • began meeting for worship in October 1986
  • has more than tripled in size since then
  • includes members with Mennonite backgrounds, as well as others with a variety of faith traditions

Consistent with Anabaptist-Mennonite theology, we emphasize...

  • peace
  • servanthood
  • a shared life in Christ
  • Christian discipleship
  • lay participation in leadership
  • adult commitment of faith
  • an individual, voluntary commitment to Christ expressed within a context of a supportive community of faith

With other evangelical groups, we share a commitment to...

  • sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and throughout the world
  • sharing the good news of God's love through service to all in need
  • emphasizing the gospel message of peace experienced in our lives and practiced in all our relationships

What We Do

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has life-giving power that we experience in community. We experience this community in many different ways, including...


Our centre of congregational life begins each week with Sunday morning worship services

Christian Education

Christian education provides a broad range of information and experiences, including contemporary faith issues in the perspective of our Christian Mennonite heritage.
Classes are provided for all age groups, including adults, youth and children.
A nursery for pre-school age children is available during our Sunday morning activities.

Special Interest Groups

During the week, participation in a number of activities strengthens our community. Special Interest Groups include:

  • Bible Study
  • Let's Play for parents with young children
  • Youth activities
  • Care groups
  • Sports/recreational activities (e.g. Men's Slo Pitch)
  • Church/community service activities
  • Informal gatherings